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If you want a successful marriage.jpg
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Sohna Road,Raheja Mall,Sector 47,Gurgaon,Haryana,India - 122001
P-103 Sohna Road Gurugram Haryana 122004 IN

The founder Vas Dev Loond, imbued in his pursuit to do social service to mankind, has decided to launch the Marriage Guidance- New Concept and to fill in the vacuum created by the modern society where grown-ups feel hesitant to make commitment and the parents remain worried to find a compatible and suitable match for their children.

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Vasdev Loond
If you want a successful marriage.jpg 2 years ago
A happy Married life(1).jpg 2 years ago
Free Matching.jpg 2 years ago
Marriage Promotional.jpg 2 years ago
Marriage Promotion..jpg 2 years ago
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