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Gurgaon Police Assistance: 100
Women Helpline: 1091
Children Helpline: 1098
Gurgaon Police Control Room: 0124 – 2316100
Traffic Control Room: 9213020404
Senior Citizens Helpline: 0124 – 2221559
Public Helpline: 9999999953
Commissioner of Police: 9999981801; 2311200, 2312200; cp.ggn@hry.nic.in
Joint Commissioner of Police: 9999981802; 2869300,2869336; jtcp.ggn@hry.nic.in
DCP Hqrs, Gurgaon: 9999981803; 2869300, 2226100; dcphq.ggn@hry.nic.in
DCP East, GGN: 9999981804; 2572659, 2373659; dcp.eastggn@hry.nic.in
DCP West, GGN: 9999981805; 2869300, 2222388; dcp.westggn@hry.nic.in
DCP South, GGN: 9999981806; 2869300, 2222399; dcp.southggn@hry.nic.in
DCP Traffic, GGN: 9999981808; 2225502, 2217015; dcp.trafficggn@hry.nic.in
DCP Crime, GGN: 9999981807; 2219282; dcpcrime.grg@hry.nic.in
ACP Udyog Vihar, GGN: 9999981811; 2365325; acpudyogviharggn-hry@nic.in
ACP Traffic, GGN: 9999981812; 2222384, 2222644; acptrafficggn-hry@nic.in
ACP Sadar, GGN: 9999981814; 2218185; acpggnsdr-hry@nic.in
ACP DLF, GGN: 9999981813; 2577057, 2577360; acpdlfggn-hry@nic.in
ACP Crime-I, GGN: 9999981816; 2222384, 2222644; acpcrime1ggn@nic.in
ACP City, GGN: 9999981819; 2767920; acpggncity-hry@nic.in
ACP Bhondsi GGN: 9999981815; 2869300; acpbhondsiggn-hry@nic.in
ACP Pataudi: 9999981817; 2672207; acppataudiggn-hry@nic.in

The Gurgaon Police is under the authority of the Haryana Police, Govt of Haryana. In accordance with the Police Act, it is headed by the Commissioner, who, under the direction of the Director General of Police has the control and management of the Force and all matters connected therewith.

The Gurgaon Police enforces throughout Gurgaon laws made by, or under, the authority of the Haryana Government. Administration of justice within the District, including enforcement of the Criminal Code, is part of the power and duty delegated to the Gurgaon Police. In 2007 the Gurgaon Police began moving towards a more regional management system under the direction of Deputy Commissioners. Five regions were developed: West, East, South, Traffic and Headquarters. This change ensures there is greater grass-roots involvement in decision-making and also allows the Gurgaon Police to invest more resources into frontline services.

There are 23 regular Police Stations, 2 Traffic Police Stations and 1 Metro Rail Police Station in Gurgaon.

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