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  • I Am Gurgaon

    I Am Gurgaon – Video I Am Gurgaon is about Gurgaon which is a satellite city South of New Delhi. Its shiny facades symbolise India’s unparalleled economic growth. Gurgaon was built at

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  • Flaunt Your Style on the Road, Stand Out

    Everyone has their own distinct personality, which they try to showcase by way of the products they own. Whether it’s the latest mobile phone or the latest fashion they sport. You can now add

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  • ArtMobile – Upcycled Auto Art

    So you are an automobile enthusiast. But, of what sorts?  Are you like the ones who say they are an automobile enthusiast because they love Ferrari or is it because you know your wheels in and

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  • Pretty Planters (Medium)

    Pretty Planters (Medium) For those who read my last post and got inspired to make their homes and offices greener with dainty planters here is the next instalment! This is where things about

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  • Dainty Pretty Planters

    Dainty Pretty Planters In the last post (Latent Ladders) I promised we would talk about reusing everyday household objects as dainty planters and here we are again! Technically anything hollow

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  • Latent Ladders!

    Latent Ladders We all have ladders in our houses (or would like to but don’t know where to put them). Mostly stowed away in store rooms, garages, balconies and terraces; they are kept hidden like

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I Am Gurgaon

ArtMobile – Upcycled Auto Art

Pretty Planters (Medium)

Dainty Pretty Planters

Latent Ladders!