Bikers in Gurgaon Conquer Mandawa


Bikers in Gurgaon Conquer Mandawa

After Amritsar on the 15th August 2013, the fraternity group Bikers in Gurgaon (B.I.G.) Riders added Mandawa as yet another destination accomplished, interestingly on 15 September 2013 – just a month after accomplishing Wagah Border, Amritsar. Five BIGGIES, the name the Bikers in Gurgaon go by … Saumitra ChaturvediMahadevan ChidambaramRahul BhattMayank Rao & Sumit Malhotra rode more than 550 kms over two days and visited the desert town of Mandawa also called the Land of Havelis in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan unfazed by the blistering heat, treacherous highways and sands of the desert.

The BIGGIES or Bikers in Gurgaon rode on the NH-8 till Behror and then moved on to the state highway towards Narnaul and then onward to Singhana, Chirawa, Jhunjhunu to finally rest for the night at the Paawana Haveli in Mandawa.

The town of Mandawa is resplendent with aging and lavish fresco paintings on the walls which makes it look like an “open art gallery“. Heritage and culture is abound in narrow lanes and town square of this quaint town. The fresco paintings on the Havelis & Temples are visible from the road itself – pity the BIGGIES were not able to bring any of the frescoes back, but they claim that the memories of the trip will remain etched in all their hearts for a long time. A fantastic, take it slow ride that left everyone happy but still asking for more returned the next day via towns of Buhana & Patcheri Kalan in Singhana.

Bikers in Gurgaon (B.I.G.) are biking enthusiasts based in Gurgaon (Delhi NCR) who have got together for common purpose to nurture Passion, Brotherhood, Unity. They welcome all bikers with a BIG heart and are engine/ manufacturer neutral. If you have a biker in you and would like to join the group on their future explorations, connect with them @

Enjoy some of photos of this trip till the BIGGIES bring back more from their next trip. Knowing them riding again may not be too far out.

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