Contribute – Collaborate – Participate is your website and encourages you to contribute, collaborate and participate. Let’s make the Millennium City of Gurgaon better. We are and/ will remain predominantly online in our presence. Our focus is on Gurgaon and we will appreciate, explore and even criticise Gurgaon. Feel free to contribute with your participation and through varied perspectives. It is for you to choose how do you wish to keep it. Simple or elaborate; perceptible or subliminal – the choice is yours.

The sections in are not cast in stone. They may and will change over a period of time to cover varied aspects that make the city of Gurgaon what it is. As the city evolves so will we. We welcome all Gurgaonites – young and veterans to bring your experiences about your life in Gurgaon via You can send us your articles, photographs and even videos to be published on the website. Though, there is the ubiquitous “Some Conditions Apply” which are mere guidelines that will make your work better and our job easier.

Submission guidelines for

1. The work has to be in English and should be focused on Gurgaon only unless it is a generic topic like hmmm … Recycling which can be presented in context to Gurgaon. You can write on any topic – some category ideas are current issues; local personalities; healthcare; education; politics; business; the environment; science and technology; real estate and development; arts and culture; Gurgaon history and attractions; restaurants and food; shopping; beauty and fashion; home and garden; music and nightlife; local sports and athletes; and recreation.

2. Please submit your original work and not something that has been published elsewhere or claimed from the internet. Please note that any kind of publicly accessible matter is considered as published material. This includes blogs/social networking sites/other internet sites or any other printed media.

3. All submissions should have a well thought out title of not more than 8 words. We may allow some exceptions depending upon the context.

4. Your article needs to be around 500 words with a short excerpt of 135 words or so. In case you have used photographs from other sources in your article, please ensure that you send in the photographer’s details for proper credit.

5. Please do not paste the photographs in the article document. Add them to a zip file and send it to us as an attachment.

6. Do send in a small paragraph about yourself with your article so that we as well our readers can get to know a bit about you.

7. cannot be held responsible for unsolicited manuscripts, slides, photographs or other material.

8. Your article MUST NOT contain pornography/adult material, be hateful or of violent orientation, suggest racial intolerance, advocate against any individual or group, have insulting, obscene, degrading tone or contain profanity.

9. Your article MUST NOT contain any content that is a violates law, be considered defamatory, or infringes on the legal or human rights of others.

As long as you can handle all this, welcome to 🙂