Al Rasheed – The Case of Overpriced Roti & Spicy Hot Nihari


Al-Rasheed Gurgaon is oversold for its food in my opinion. It is fairly clear by their reviews on food apps. I assessed them on two broad integrity based parameters – quality of food and quantity of food viz-a-viz money spent. Here is a rundown.

Any Mughlai restaurant that claims to be authentic must know that the word authentic is inappropriate. In today’s world there are really no authentic recipes for almost everything.

Hence, the word needs to be considered in real terms with adjectives like good, scrumptious, healthy and so on. However, Al Rasheed Gurgaon serves food that doesn’t even qualify for any of these objectives.

Mutton Nihari – Every time one digs into a plate of Nihari, one digs into a slice of history. However, Al-Rasheed Gurgaon is writing it’s own history. Nihari eaters like me in Gurgaon will always remember where not to order Nihari in Gurgaon from.

For the price, the portion of Nihari is very small and the dish is so spicy that will literally burn your mouth. In a nutshell it is tasteless and hence, uneatable.

Khameeri Roti – My order also consisted of Khamiri Roti that is the only bread that does justice to Nihari. While the Khamiri roti was a bit small but nice and soft, I still haven’t understood how come it is priced at Rs.99 per piece.

Do they import their yeast (Khamir) from France? It is still under investigation.

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