Alkauser Gurgaon – A Carnivore’s Delight


AlKauser Gurgaon Sikanderpur Parking, Opposite Metro Pillar 48, Sikanderpur, Gurgaon Review

Alkauser is undefeated King of Kakori Kababs. They claim to have blended 52 spices into an exotic delicacy called kakori kebab. But you will never know because as usual, it is a closely guarded recipe.

However, whenever Sujit is in town, a trip to Alkauser Gurgaon is our ritual. Hence, we were at Alkauser for lunch a few days back. In fact, food critics swear by Alkauser, such is their charisma. As a matter of fact, this legendary eatery is any carnivore’s delight.

Alkauser gurgaon @ sikanderpur

It was to my equal delight that Alkauser opened a new outlet in Gurgaon at Sikanderpur a few months back. Furthermore, it is located right across the road from Garden Estate quite close to DLF2 where I live.

Incidentally, when I queried the bearded man at the entrance, he confirmed that it is owned & operated by the same family as the Malcha Marg & R.K. Puram eateries that I have been frequenting since childhood.

Though, with no disrespect to the eatery, I am really not impressed by its Gurgaon location. But, the walkway to Alkauser Gurgaon stinks. Interestingly, when I pointed this out to them I got a non-committal response. So I really don’t know if something will be done about it.

The Mughlai eatery by itself looks spartan with its functional furniture albeit alright for a languid lunch. So my friend Sujit was already ahead of me. In fact, he found their air-conditioned hall and had parked his bottom on one of the steel chairs.

Actually, the interiors at Alkauser Gurgaon were quite clean. Also, as we sat down, the menu, sliced onions with spicy green chutney got deposited on the table almost immediately.

In the meantime, we opted for their famed Galouti Kebabs with Roomali Rotis (note: not wraps), Mutton Shahi Tikka, a Mutton Biryani and a portion of Nihari with Plain Naans. Actually, I consider myself a loyalist when it comes to Alkauser. And I think it’ll be rare when they go wrong with their Kakouris, Tikkas, & Galoutis. I was right.

The Mutton Shahi Tikka, & Galouti kebabs were outstanding as always. Having said that the Mutton Lucknowi Dum Handi Biryani & Nihari missed to make its mark with us this time. The rice of the biryani was undercooked though the aroma was unmistakably inviting. While the gravy of the Nihari was excellent, the meat was not falling off the bone as is preferred in any slow cooked mutton dish.

We pointed this out to the steward. The steward pointed it out to the bearded man at the entrance who then came up to us to inquire about the misgiving. He agreed with us without any resistance and offered to replace the same. While we refused the replacements, we didn’t leave a morsel on the table.

To Sum-It-Up: Every kitchen has a bad day. It really depends how the eatery handles its patrons when there is a complaint. My loyalties to Alkauser Gurgaon remain intact.

More information about AlKauser Gurgaon

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AlKauser Gurgaon

Near Metro Pillar 48, Sikanderpur Parking, Sikanderpur Ghosi, Gurgaon

Open from: 12 Noon to 11 PM

Happy Hours: Nope

Meal for Two (2): Rs. 800

Phone numbers: +91 7840843786; +91 7840845786

Venue Type: Restaurant

Vegetarian: No 🙂

Cuisine: North Indian/ Lucknowi

Bar: No!

Loo on premises: No

Air Conditioning: Yes

Credit Cards Accepted: No! Cash only

Do they deliver: Yes

Takeaways Offered: Yes

Do they cater outdoors: Yes

Host Parties at Venue: No

Parking: Roadside

WiFi: No

Live Music: No!

Television Screening: No

Outdoor Seating: No

Smoking Allowed: Roadside 

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