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TGI Fridays Review, Metropolitan Mall, MG Road Gurgaon

TGI Fridays Gurgaon - Jack Daniel's Sampler
TGI Fridays Gurgaon - Jack Daniel's Sampler

TGI Fridays Gurgaon Review, Metropolitan Mall, MG Road Gurgaon

It was a surprise visit by my friend Amit Uppal this gone Wednesday who was in transit to Ahmedabad and had a few hours in NCR before his flight took off. By the time he arrived, we were famished and our food talks got us driving towards TGI Fridays located at the Metropolitan Mall in Gurgaon.

TGI Fridays used to be a haunt in the years gone past. We descended hungrily on the TexMex restaurant and found not much had changed except for some bits of reorganisation. The restaurant was moderately occupied and that is a good sign especially on a Wednesday afternoon.

Amit wanted a beef steak which was unavailable due to a ridiculous ban on beef in the state of Haryana. So we dug into the menu again and lined up a medley of Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad, a Jack Daniel’s Sampler & Almond Crusted Fish & Jalapeno Shrimp. It was actually a lot of food for two of us.

The service was funny to start with since we had to request for water. Should it not appear by itself? Isn’t that what good service is all about? We placed our orders and were generally catching up when the Jack Daniel’s sampler arrived. When you receive a dish priced at Rs. 1599 cold it is a bit of a disappointment. We told the server to check it who brought in the Manager. This is not what I call good service. However, the manager offered to get the dish reheated in the salamander and we agreed.

We requested for some nachos with salsa to keep our hunger pangs at bay which were readily served. This was perhaps the best part of the service.

In sometime the Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad (Rs.725) arrived, while the salad leaves and the dressing tasted well, the salmon itself was chewy. It was obviously overcooked. This time we didn’t complain. I guess romance with TGI Fridays Gurgaon was to last just this long. The fish arrived with the sampler in tow and the entire table looked busy. We requested the fish to be shipped back to the salamander while we polished off the salad and the sampler.

The sampler turned out to be rather good. The meat from the pork ribs were melting in the mouth. The Cajun Fried Shrimp were nice and crunchy. The chicken strips that looked more like pops were reasonably well done. I recommend this platter if you are planning a visit.

The almond crusted fish and jalapeno shrimp (Rs. 825) was decent. However, I was disappointed with the lumpy bed of rice it was setup on.

To Sum-It-Up: It wasn’t a happy dining experience barring the laughs Amit and I enjoyed catching up after a long time. The food and service can definitely be better before TGI Fridays Gurgaon is able to reclaim its place under the Sun.

[c5ab_tabs c5_helper_title=”” c5_title=”” type=”tabs” ][c5ab_tab icon=”fa fa-map-marker” post=”” title=”Location etc.”]TGI Fridays Gurgaon
Address: Ground Floor, MGF Metropolitan Mall,MG Road, Gurgaon
Phone No.:0124 4018681 / 0124 4018682

[/c5ab_tab][c5ab_tab icon=”fa fa-info-circle” post=”” title=”More Information” ]Cuisine: American/ TexMex
Vegetarian Only: No!
Do they deliver: Yes (Wow!)/ Takeaway: Yes
Do they cater outdoors: Not known
Hours of Operation: Noon to Midnight
Meal for Two: Rs.3000 (we paid Rs.4299 without any discount)
Discount Available: 15% off on Axis Bank Credit & Debit Cards
Bar: No Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
Airconditioning: Yes
Smoking Permitted: Yes! Outdoors
Music: No (Live: No)
Parking: Yes! Mall Parking (Valet: No)
Outdoor Seating: No
[/c5ab_tab][c5ab_tab icon=”fa fa-map-marker” post=”” title=”Google Map” ][/c5ab_tab][/c5ab_tabs]


  1. I quite agree with the review. TGIF has never disappointed me in the past, but things seem to be going downhill for them. The attitude of the staff (not that it was gruff) says so, before the food. What I used to see earlier was a happy, contended & smiling bunch of people, eager to serve you great food and ready to go beyond their stipulations for a fabulous experience. This is what had made TGIF one of my favorite places to eat in the past. Sadly, it wasn’t so this time. They looked tired, slow and disinterested in what we wanted.

    We had a great time catching up after long, so perhaps the service levels and the food as mentioned by Sumit didn’t hurt that much. But for an average diner, it might not be a good experience. Hope they would pull up their socks and get their game up. Otherwise, with so much of competition in the food scene, survival might become difficult.


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