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Biryani by Kilo Gurgaon – Review of Scrumptious Biryanis

Biryani by Kilo brings steaming hot Biryanis right to your doorstep. Brainchild of hospitality veteran, Kaushik Roy, Biryani by Kilo uses the traditional “Dum” technique to make biryanis.

The order taking was a breeze. SMS confirmations kept me abreast with the status of my order. Sweet. I was waiting to bite in.

Their biryanis are cooked in individual natural clay handi and are delivered in the same round clay pot. The clay pot is reusable in case you want to do your own “Matka Cooking”. The biryanis are accompanied with a small candle lit stove or “Angeethi aur Aanch” on which you can do a final dum yourself should you not want to consume the biryani right then. This was something new and different hence had to be tried out for sure.

I had ordered their 1 kilo Hyderabadi Biryani (also called kutchi dum biryani) along with Phirni quite recently and was happily astonished by the quality. It reiterated my faith in the fact that freshest ingredients yield the best food. Something it seems Biryani by kilo follows.

I found the biryanis to be really fragrant. They tasted very well. I was indeed having such a flavoursome biryani after a very long time. Most of my recent biryani experiments were a big disappointment. The mutton in the Hyderabadi biryani was well cooked and literally falling off the bone. The long grain basmati rice had the right bite and every spoonful was enjoyable. There were two of us eating and we polished off the entire kilo within no time. The accompanying salan/ gravy was a bit of a let down but not bad from any corner. 

As for the phirni, it was quite nice to taste and aromatic, though I think that the rice was a tad underdone. 

Biryani by kilo uses the pre booking concept for their deliveries. What you order today is delivered to you tomorrow. This way, biryani by kilo ensures that your order comes to you at the appointed time. Biryani by kilo, the name itself indicates that they sell by weight and not by portion.

I am yet to try their kebabs though my repeat orders for biryani will definitely go to Biryani by Kilo. They currently serve only areas in Gurgaon.

For pre booking you may call them at +91 9555-212-212.



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