Coastal Reef – Delicious South Indian & Coastal Non-Vegetarian Food


Coastal Reef – Delicious South Indian & Coastal Non-Vegetarian Food

Address: Shop 54-55, Baani Square, Sector 50, Gurgaon

I have a deep admiration for South Indian & Coastal non-vegetarian food. They have an intrinsic skill of amalgaming simple spices into the complex curries. And, these are dishes truly delicious for people who love spicy food. As a result, I come out of such restaurants either happy and looking forward to a revisit or totally disappointed. Coastal Reef Gurgaon was one such visit for a South Indian feed sojourn.

Coastal reef baani square menu

Coastal reef baani square menu

I had heard of Coastal Reef for a while and decided to visit them for lunch. They had a heavy bustle of delivery boys going on. This shows how popular the restaurant is with app-based deliveries. On the flip side, a din around the tables needs to be avoided.
However, there were just 2 out of some 15-20 tables occupied as I entered. The restaurant definitely needs a renovation as was clearly visible. The furniture looked old but was functional and comfortable. Lighting & airconditioning could have been better. The piped music was mundane. But what the heck, I was there for the food so everything else was of not much interest.

Restaurant welcome and water service was a bit sluggish but I ignored the same.

Famished as I was, I ordered a bit much. It was obvious that leftovers would definitely go home for a follow-up delicious meal. If it was a delicious meal out here.

The Main Course at Coastal Reef

Chicken chettinadu

My food order included my favourite Chicken Chettinadu, Coorgi Chicken Curry accompanied by Malabar Paranthas and Appam. They even served South Indian chutneys on request. The food portions were suitably large and the food was undoubtedly delicious. Brilliantly spiced Chicken Chettinadu took the crown. Coorgi Chicken Curry was loved even by my son who usually steers clear of complex curries. It is difficult to get well made Malabar paranthas and appams in this side of Delhi NCR and Coastal Reef passed in this with flying taste colours too.

Malabar parantha & coorgi chicken curry

Lack of airconditioning by the time I finished up had its own sweaty impact. After savouring a delicious spicy ensemble I had broken into a relentless sweat and the discomfort was evident. The restaurant was listed on Zomato Gold but the server didn’t inform me about it (I had forgotten as well) when I asked for the check. So it was a hit missed.

Some More Glimpses of Coastal Reef Baani Square

To Sum It Up: A good place to enjoy a delicious South Indian & Coastal Indian non-vegetarian meal. All they need to do is spruce up the ambience a bit and definitely fix the airconditioning.

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