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By Times of India – Anand Kumar showers praise on Hrithik Happy birthday, Hrithik Roshan: Anand Kumar: Being a teacher, when you meet someone who is really hard working, it’s a pleasure
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FacebookTwitterPintrestBy – TIMESOFINDIA.COMCreated: Jan 10, 2021, 10:00 ISTfacebooktwitterincomI had not seen any of Hrithik Roshan’s films until I met him for my biopic. There were many actors who wanted to play my role in the film and were ready to start the film within four months but when Hrithik Roshan was approached, he told me that he would require about nine months for preparation. He said to look and speak like me will take time. I could see the passion in him and it impressed me so much!

Being a teacher, when you meet someone who is really hard working, it’s a pleasure. Our meetings would always go beyond the stipulated time and he would walk me to the car at the end of it. Once he got so immersed in the character that he walked down barefoot, only to be reminded to wear footwear by his people. I was so obliged that he played me in the film and was so true to the character. He imbibed my mannerisms perfectly and I noticed that when I watched the film.

Hrithik is also someone who understands and respects relationships. There was a scene in the film where they show my father’s death. Hrithik Roshan broke down during the scene and was inconsolable. When I asked him about it, he told me that he was thinking about his father at the time and got emotional. He also told me that he wished his children would share the same bond like me and my brother, Pranav.

Another touching moment was when Hrithik Roshan came to Patna on Guru Purnima, and touched my feet on the dias, though I kept telling him not to. He insisted on doing it, claiming I was his guru.

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