Did Alia choose Nov 6 as her delivery date?

did alia choose nov 6 as her delivery date

Bollywood’s popular numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani was asking a question of sorts, when he spoke to ETimes a few minutes ago. “Did Alia decide the date to be November 6?” Well, whether Alia chose it or not, we still do not know- because we still are unaware whether it was a normal delivery or a Caesarean- but all that matters now is that it is a very happy moment in the Kapoor and Bhatt family. We at ETimes are very happy for Alia and Ranbir and extend our ‘Congratulations’ to the two families. Alia and the baby are doing fine, Neetu Kapoor, Soni Razdan & Co must be dancing in the aisles- and why not?
Endorsing the happy moment, Jumaani added, “Not only has Alia mastered the art and craft of acting, A No. 6-Piscean (3), she’s in her very lucky 30th (3) year (3-6-9 are a family of numbers) while she’s delivering yet another blockbuster- whether she chose that consciously or subconsciously. And yes, it’s a nice Venus governed date. potential Superstar in the making too.”

Jumaani added, “Also, Ranbir is a Libran, and Libra Ruler is No. 6, Venus. The baby’s destiny Number is 5, Mercury, the fastest, known also as buddh, means buddhi (very intelligent).”

Credit Source – https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/did-alia-choose-november-6-as-her-delivery-date-her-daughter-is-a-potential-superstar-numerologist-sanjay-b-jumaani-says-exclusive/articleshow/95335133.cms


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