Drug case: Prabhakar Sail’s lawyer on Pooja Dadlani


Witness one in Narcotics Control Bureau’s (NCB) case against Aryan Khan and other accused, Prabhakar Sail created a furore with his revelations in an affidavit that came to light yesterday. ETimes reached out to Sail’s lawyer Tushar Khandare who revealed that his client has been provided protection and his statements are being recorded as well.
Khandare said, “Prabhakar is giving his statement to the DCP Zone 1 and it is being recorded right now.” ETimes asked him if Sail was under any pressure during his time as a panch with the NCB and Khandare said, “He was under a lot of pressure and he was worried, but once he was given protection and our affidavit was accepted and our statements were recorded, he calmed down.”

We also point out to the fact that KP Gosavi had denied all revelations mentioned in Sail’s affidavit. Khandare offered his rebuttal, “Gosavi may have denied our statement, but he can’t deny the evidence. Anyone can speak anything in front of a camera. I can stand up and say I am Shah Rukh Khan. But for people to believe me, I will need at least 2-3 photos of mine where I look like Shah Rukh. Otherwise who’s going to believe me? Look, the evidence that Prabhakar has, the chats that we have released today, they are concrete. How is Gosavi going to deny those chats? There’s photographic evidence, too. How is he going to deny that? Every accused’s first reaction is always to claim that they’re innocent. But the trial is where it’s proven who is guilty and who’s not.”
Khandare also acknowledged Aryan Khan’s submission to the court where he had denied any association with Sail. He said, “Aryan and the other accused are not associated with us in any way. Their statement holds true 100 percent. We are fighting for our own protection.” In his statement, Sail mentioned he had interacted with Shah Rukh Khan’s manager Pooja Dadlani and Khandare added, “If Pooja Dadlani is in the wrong, she’ll be prosecuted as well. Whatever was mentioned in Prabhakar’s statement will be investigated by the police and they will take appropriate action.” Speaking about the transactions that allegedly took place between Sail and SRK’s manager, Khandare said, “The investigation is on, so we can’t reveal if the money came directly from her or from someone else. But I can assure you, the money was received for sure. Prabhakar had received a token amount for the full sum of money.”
Finally, we asked Khandare if Sail claimed that Pooja delivered the money to him in person. Khandrae clarified, “He did not meet her during the process of the transaction, he had seen her on another occasion.”
Credit Source – https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hindi/bollywood/news/prabhakar-sails-lawyer-if-pooja-dadlani-is-in-the-wrong-shell-be-prosecuted-as-well-exclusive/articleshow/87285393.cms


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