THE EXORCISM is a poorly made film and might get some audience in the opening weekend Movie Review: THE EXORCISM is a poorly made film


The Exorcism (English) Review {1.5/5} & Review Rating

Star Cast: Russell Crowe, Ryan Simpkins

THE EXORCISM is a poorly made film and might get some audience in the opening weekend

Director: Joshua John Miller

The Exorcism Movie Synopsis:
THE EXORCISM is the story of an actor shooting for a horror film. Anthony Miller (Russell Crowe) was once a famous actor. But after his wife died of cancer, he got shattered. He turned alcoholic and a drug addict and has even strained his relationship with his daughter, Lee (Ryan Simpkins). Anthony has now recovered and is offered the character of a priest in an exorcist film by a director named Joe (Sam Worthington). He nails the audition and begins shooting for it. However, as soon as filming commences, strange things start happening with Anthony. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

The Exorcism Movie Story Review:
M A Fortin and Joshua John Miller’s story is novel, at least the basic plot. M A Fortin and Joshua John Miller’s screenplay, however, is unexciting. The dialogues are nothing special. In the absence of subtitles, it becomes difficult to decipher certain lines. It’s strange why PVR Inox Pictures hasn’t started providing subtitles when almost all the other studios do so.

Joshua John Miller’s direction is disappointing. He has a great story in hand – an actor is filming for an exorcist film and gets possessed. The opening scene is chilling. The scene where the actor, playing the possessed girl, asks Anthony if he’s fine is unique and raises laughs.

On the flipside, the film is just 95 minutes long and moves at a painfully slow pace. The horror elements give a been-there-done-that feeling. The climax is arresting but again, it’s something we have seen before.

The Exorcism Movie Performances:
Russell Crowe, however, does well as an actor who has fallen from grace and is struggling to redeem himself. He is also quite good in the possessed scenes. Ryan Simpkins is fair while Sam Worthington’s character is a bit unconvincing. Chloe Bailey (Blake Holloway) leaves a huge mark. David Hyde Pierce (Father Conor) is too good.

The Exorcism music and other technical aspects:
Danny Bensi and Saunder Jurriaans’ music has an eerie feeling. Simon Duggan’s cinematography is neat. Michael Perry’s production design is impressive, especially the set pieces of the film being shot. Angela Hadnagy and Jodi Leesley’s costumes are realistic. Matthew Woolley’s editing is weak.

The Exorcism Movie Conclusion:
On the whole, THE EXORCISM is a poorly made film and might get some audience in the opening weekend due to the horror factor.

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