SSR and I were like family, says Subbalakshmi


By Times of India – SSR and I were like family, says Subbalakshmi “Naani, aap muje phone karoge?,” Sushant Singh Rajput asked Subbalakshmi on the last day of her shoot for Dil Bechara. Recollecting those days with a smile, Subbalakshmi says, “I replied, ‘bhasha nahi maloom.’ ”

After a moment of silence, the actress, who played Sushant’s grandmom in the Bollywood film Dil Bechhara, says, “Language was a barrier between us. But, the shooting days of Dil Bechhara are some of the most memorable days in my career. My heart sinks when those memories flash through my mind, now. I wish I had spoken to him,” she says.

According to Subbalakshmi, Sushant was always a cheerful boy who used to run to her the moment she reached the set. “We were like grandmom and grandson for real. We used to always dance on the sets. They were all great dancers and I too used to join them. I also used to sing Hindi songs for them. They used to encourage me and we had real fun,” she recollects. The video of the duo dancing, which was shared by Subbalakshmi’s granddaughter Soubhagya Venkitesh, is now trending online.

Subbalakshmi says while shooting the climax sequences of the movie, which was apparently quite emotional, she couldn’t take it. “Sushant’s character falls sick at the end, and while shooting the hospital scenes in Mumbai, I asked my director whether we could avoid shooting it as I didnt want to see Sushant going through the pain.Then, they consoled me saying that it’s just a story, and we went on to shoot it,” she explains. Subbalakshmi shot mostly in Jamshedpur and Mumbai.

On the sets, Subbalakshmi says, the commonly used language was Hindi. She adds that she used to communicate in Tamil, which was a familiar language for a few on the sets.

“My son-in-law used to accompany me to the sets and it was him who informed me about Sushant’s demise. I still cannot belive that he could do it. I keep watching the news related to the investigation on the same. Now, I know he has gone and nothing can bring him back,” she says. Her son in law, who knew she was really close to Sushant, keeps calling her every one hour, asking her to distarct herself from the thoughts. “I pray for his soul. May he rest in peace. I wish I had kissed him one last time,” she says.

Dil Bechara was supposed to release in May. Subbalakshmi was chosen for the film after the makers spotted her on a commercial with Ranbeer Kapoor.

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