The truth behind Ajith-Bala’s controversy


By Times of India – The truth behind Ajith-Bala’s controversy Film industry is filled with a lot of controversies, and the audience always loves some juicy gossip. If it’s about a top star in the industry, then it spreads more quickly than other news. The controversy between Thala Ajith and Bala is one of the most talked about controversies, and it’s been talked about on social media over many years. However, it was not until recently that the truth behind Ajith and Bala’s disagreement was revealed by the popular producer PL Thenappan in his recent interview with an online portal.

Director Bala won the National Award for directing the 2009 Tamil film ‘Naan Kadavul’, which features Arya in the lead role. Ajith was supposed to play the lead role in the film, but it didn’t happen since the actor walked out of the film after a dispute with the director. During this dispute, there were rumors on the internet that Ajith was beaten by director Bala. Now, the latest report is that Bala had asked Ajith to give back the advance money he had received along with interest, but Ajith refused to do so. Then, the argument heated up between the two after which, Ajith finally agreed to pay back the money with interest.

Meanwhile, the recent interview of PL Thenappan also brought to light the fact that Bala had not resorting to violence with Ajith and that those were false rumours.

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