Zanjeer – Watch at your own risk!


Zanjeer Review – Watch at your own risk!

Third time lucky; well I don’t think so!

Priyanka’s third outing in a Bachchan remake Zanjeer has not gone the way it was intended to! Apoorva Lakhia disappoints big time and that too third time in a row! (After Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost and Mission Istanbul).

The films insipid plot, below average performances and lackluster direction are solely responsible for this! There is nothing in the movie- no story line, no music and no direction and also Priyanka’s pinky number falls flat on its face along with her frozen chemistry with Ram Charan!The film begins on an unpromising note and only a true film buff would sit through the horror that is unleashed on him in the garb of performances. To start with, Ram Charan fails to impress with his histrionics (were there any? I am still wondering) Priyanka Chopra- what a waste of national award winning talent and less said about Mahi Gill the better because this girl is capable of so much more and I still can’t fathom what made her take on this role! I actually had to pinch myself to believe that this is the same girl from Dev D and Sahib, Biwi and Gangster series! And what to say about Atul Kulkarni, the words totally fail me! Totally unjustified performance from him!

I would like to especially mention Sanjay Dutt here that he dared to step into Pran Saheb’s shoes as Sher Khan. His scenes with Ram Charan completely lack the electrifying currents of the original pair of Amitabh and Pran! The iconic confrontation scene in the original movie would always remain unmatched!

One person who completely stands out in this whole mess is Prakash Raj as the head of Oil mafia. His gaudy suits along with his over the top performance will totally force you to tear your hair out of sheer frustration and what he missed conveying through his performance, he uttered in his dialogues!

As far as the story (was there any?) I don’t know what possessed Apoorva while directing this cult movie of the 70s, which established Amitabh Bachchan as the angry young man. There have been Bachchan remakes in the past as well like Don and Agneepath and never before have the audience felt cheated like this time. I think Apoorva has hit rock bottom with this one! (I thought he has already done that with Mission Istanbul)

And last but not the least

There is no “Zanjeer” on the wrist of the Villain but a “Tattoo”

And it totally makes a Tatttooooo (complete ass) of the viewers!

Perhaps, Apoorva could have called the movie ‘”Tattoo” at least the audience could have got an inkling of what’s in store!

[c5ab_tabs type=”tabs” ]
[c5ab_tab title=”Who’s Who”] Ram Charan…. ACP Vijay Khanna
Priyanka Chopra.. Mala
Sanjay Dutt.. Sher Khan
Mahie Gill.. Mona Darling
Prakash Raj.. Rudra Pratap Teja
Atul Kulkarni.. Jay Dev – Journalist
[/6_12][5_12]Aditya Lakhia.. Inspector Amar
Daya Shanker Pandey.. Inspector Prem
Kavita Kaushik.. Item Number
Ankur Bhatia.. Bosco
Chetan Pandit.. Commissioner
Bikramjeet Kanwarpal.. Katariya Mangal Kenkre



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