Gurgaon’s Culture & Language

Gurgaon’s culture, Language & Influences

Gurgaon’s Culture! Well! traditionally, the majority of population of the district has been that of Hindus. They predominate both in the rural and urban areas except in the Nuh and Ferozpur Jhirka tehsils where the Muslims are in majority. Hence, the common festivals celebrated with a lot of fervour by both rural and urbanised Hindus are Holi, Janam Ashtami, Dussehra and Diwali. The other festivals which are more prevalent in the rural belts are Shivratri, Gugga Naumi, Solono and Bhaiya Duj. Mela Masani mata or Sitla Mata ka mela and mela Chhat Bhadon or Baldev Chhat are the more important fair held in the district. Mela Pir, mela Burha Baba or Mela Vankhandeshwat, Mela Suraj Kund, Mela of Ravan of Meos and Mela Jhirka are locally important fairs. More at History of Gurgaon.

With a major influx of migrant population, city residents get a flavour of celebrations from other parts of the country too.  Durga Puja and Ganesh Chaturthi now are a part of regular annual celebrations in Gurgaon. Some pandals are being set up from as long as 20 years back. There are regular fairs during Christmas too. While individual communities are behind planning and executing these celebrations, one can see people from other communities indulging as well. A truly cosmopolitan behavior that is now true to the spirit of the Millennium City.

Gurgaon is also fast emerging as the art and culture hub of the National Capital Region (NCR). The bourgeois of Gurgaon routinely participate in exhibitions, cultural events and theatre productions all through the year. These include shows, stage performances, live concerts and various festivities.

Preferred cultural venues in the Millennium City are – Epicenter, Kingdom of Dreams and the Leisure Valley Grounds. A lot of activity based groups (walking, cycling, motorcycling, offroading) have also been formed through digital platforms like Facebook. This keeps the loyalist adventure seekers busy.

English and Hindi are widely spoken in the urban and semi urban areas of Gurgaon City. As per the rural areas – The language of Meos is Mewati, a sub dialect of north-eastern Rajasthani. The language of the north and west of the district in which the Ahirs predominate is Ahirwati. Ahirwati is another sub-dialect of the north eastern Rajasthani. And! the language in east of the district in which the Jats predominate, is the Braj Bhasha dialect of western Hindi.