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Gurgaon is India’s fastest expanding technological cluster receiving aid from its proximity to Delhi. The area is part of the National Capital Region and is one of the wealthiest cities in the country. Since most large firms operate or have headquarters in the city, it serves as an economic backbone for the country. Gurgaon is the playground for start-ups and new and budding businesses. Qdesq makes it simple and quick to book conference rooms in Gurgaon. Qdesq recognizes the demands of its customers and appoints a Key Accounts Manager to ensure end-to-end support during the booking process and all transactions. All shared office spaces in Gurgaon are entirely sanitary, cost-effective, and well-equipped with all modern amenities such as pleasant workstations, refined and spacious meeting rooms, pantry, efficient air conditioning, ample vehicle parking, high-speed connectivity, super housekeeping, proximity to the nearest metro rail, and much more.

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