Gurgaon Police

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Gurgaon Police Assistance: 100
Women Helpline: 1091
Children Helpline: 1098
Gurgaon Police Control Room: 0124 – 2316100
Traffic Control Room: 9213020404
Senior Citizens Helpline: 0124 – 2221559
Public Helpline: 9999999953
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Commissioner of Police: 9999981801; 2311200, 2312200;
Joint Commissioner of Police: 9999981802; 2869300,2869336;
DCP Hqrs, Gurgaon: 9999981803; 2869300, 2226100;
DCP East, GGN: 9999981804; 2572659, 2373659;
DCP West, GGN: 9999981805; 2869300, 2222388;
DCP South, GGN: 9999981806; 2869300, 2222399;
DCP Traffic, GGN: 9999981808; 2225502, 2217015;
DCP Crime, GGN: 9999981807; 2219282;
ACP Udyog Vihar, GGN: 9999981811; 2365325;
ACP Traffic, GGN: 9999981812; 2222384, 2222644;
ACP Sadar, GGN: 9999981814; 2218185;
ACP DLF, GGN: 9999981813; 2577057, 2577360;
ACP Crime-I, GGN: 9999981816; 2222384, 2222644;
ACP City, GGN: 9999981819; 2767920;
ACP Bhondsi GGN: 9999981815; 2869300;
ACP Pataudi: 9999981817; 2672207;
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The Gurgaon Police is under the authority of the Haryana Police, Govt of Haryana. In accordance with the Police Act, it is headed by the Commissioner, who, under the direction of the Director General of Police has the control and management of the Force and all matters connected therewith.

The Gurgaon Police enforces throughout Gurgaon laws made by, or under, the authority of the Haryana Government. Administration of justice within the District, including enforcement of the Criminal Code, is part of the power and duty delegated to the Gurgaon Police. In 2007 the Gurgaon Police began moving towards a more regional management system under the direction of Deputy Commissioners. Five regions were developed: West, East, South, Traffic and Headquarters. This change ensures there is greater grass-roots involvement in decision-making and also allows the Gurgaon Police to invest more resources into frontline services.

There are 23 regular Police Stations, 2 Traffic Police Stations and 1 Metro Rail Police Station in Gurgaon.
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[su_spoiler title=”Find Your Nearest Police Station” style=”fancy”] Find Your Nearest Police Station [/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Police Complaint Status” style=”fancy”] Have you filed a police complaint lately? You can check the status by clicking here [/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Police Verification” style=”fancy”] Police verification may be required by a person(s) for a private job or another purpose. To apply for a Police Verification Report, the applicant is required to fill an application form (Download Application Formthat is also available free of cost in the Verification Roll Clerk (VRC) Branch, located atRoom No 310, Third Floor, Mini Secretariat, Near Rajiv Chowk, Gurgaon, Contact No. 0124-2869310. The duly filled-in application form is to be submitted along with the necessary documents and the applicable fee.

Application Fee: A fee of Rs.100/- is to be deposited with Verification Roll Clerk (VRC) Branch against proper receipt.

Documents Required: A copy of any of the following documents as proof of identity and proof of residence of the individual whose verification has been sought.

> Passport | Election Commission Voter’s Identity Card | Water, Electricity Bills, Telephone Bill | Running Bank Account (Last one year) | Ration Card

Police Verification of a Security Guard employed by a Private Security Agency: Two types of verification are done for the Private Security Guards employed.

Criminal Record Check: If the Private Security Agency wants only Previous Criminal record check of the Security Guard, duly filled Form II as prescribed in Rule No 5 of Haryana Private Security Agency Rules, 2009 has to be submitted along with an application fee of Rs 200/- to be deposited either by Cash against proper receipt or by Demand Draft/Postal Order in the favour of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Headquarters, Gurgaon.

Character and Antecedents Verification: If the Private Security Agency wants Character and Antecedents Verification of the Security Guard to be done , duly filled Form II as prescribed in Rule No 5 of Haryana Private Security Agency Rules, 2009 has to be submitted along with an application fee of Rs 500/- to be deposited either by Cash against proper receipt or by Demand Draft/Postal Order in the favour of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Headquarters, Gurgaon. [/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Police Clearance Certificate” style=”fancy”]Police Clearance Certificate ( PCC) is normally issued for submission in Foreign Embassy for Visa/Immigration purposes: For Police Clearance Certificate ( PCC), the applicant is first required to fill the prescribed Application form. Download the Police Clearance Certificate Application Form.

A Government fee of Rs. 300/- is to be deposited for Police Clearance Certificate( PCC). Along with the challan form duly marked may be deposited in the nearby branch of State Bank of Patiala at District Court Complex, Gurgaon. Download The Challan Form

The Application form and Challan form, complete in all respect, should be deposited in the Security Branch of Gurgaon Police located at Room No. 312, Third Floor, Mini Secretariat, Gurgaon.

The Police Clearance Certificate ( PCC) will be then issued to the applicant within 7 – 10 days, after Police Verification from the Police Station concerned. [/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Tenants/Servant/Vendor Verification” style=”fancy”] For Employee / Servant / Tenant Verification download the application Form, fill it and submit it to your concerned Police Station along with relevant document & keep a copy with yourself and submit a copy to the RWA president. Download the Employee / Servant / Tenant Verification Application Form[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Foreigner Registration in India” style=”fancy”]Registration for all foreigners is compulsory, for those foreigners who are arriving in India on a visa for a period exceeding 180 days, except the exempted categories. Registration is required within 14 days of first arrival at Gurgaon in the Foreigners Registration Office.

Foreigner’s Registration Office, in Gurgaon is situated in Room No. 312 Mini Secretariat, Gurgaon for the registration of foreigners who are residing in the jurisdiction of Gurgaon district. This division works under direct supervision of the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Headquarters) cum Foreigners Registration Officer, Gurgaon, whose office is located at 1st Floor Mini Secretariat Gurgaon. The contact umber is 0124-2869309.

Foreigners for whom registration is required | Exemptions | Required documents at the time of registration | Extension of visa for foreigners registered in India | Download Application Forms[/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Group Registration” style=”fancy”]If you are a group entity like RWA, Industrial or Market Association, Malls or Shopping Complex, Social or Religious Group, NGO, Bank, Hotel, Petrol Pump, School or Hospital, you need to register your entity with Gurgaon Police. Group Registration Form[/su_spoiler]
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Gurgaon Police Force is divided into three zones – East, West and South. Each division is managed by a Deputy Commissioner of Police assisted by Assistant Commissioners of Police.

[su_spoiler title=”Individual Police Station Details – East Zone” style=”fancy”]DLF-I GGN Police Station | DLF PH-II Police Station | DLF Sec-29 Police Station | Sector – 55/56 Police Station | Sector 40 Police Station | Sushant Lok Police Station | Sadar Police Station | Metro Police Station
[su_spoiler title=”Individual Police Station Details – West Zone” style=”fancy”]Udyog Vihar Police Station | Palam Vihar Police Station | Sector 17/18 Police Station | Rajindra Park Police Station | Sector 5 (Old Gurgaon) Police Station | Gurgaon City Police Station | Civil Lines Police Station | Sector 10A Police Station
[su_spoiler title=”Individual Police Station Details – South Zone” style=”fancy”]Badshahpur Police Station | Bhondsi Police Station | Sohna Police Station | Kherki Doula Police Station | Bilaspur Police Station | Manesar Police Station | Pataudi Police Station | Farukhnagar Police Station | Traffic Police Station – I | Traffic Police Station – II
Information source: – Official website
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