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Mankind Pharma launches OTT platform for doctors


Mankind Pharma on Wednesday said it has launched Docflix, an OTT (over-the-top) platform for doctors.

With the launch of the OTT platform, the company said it is taking steps to deliver engaging scientific content created by doctors specialised in their fields, in short, video formats.

The company claims to have partnered with doctors in the cardiovascular segment to build authentic content, seeking to help doctors in making clinical decisions faster.

The company said the platform will have 20 different shows on varied subjects, a few shows include science simplified, legend inside the white coat, stitch in time, cardio Unflip, medico-legal cases in India and much more.

Additionally, the company has also hired the National Institute of Design’s pass-out team to ensure the representation of data and figures, directors and scriptwriters who can form science into a story to deliver the message. The team is also building an AI-enabled personalised interface to deliver individual experiences on the platform, as per the company.

“It is a OTT platform with a wide range of scientific content tailored to various practice needs of doctors. Design, story and convenience are three pillars of the platform that will deliver reliable scientific content,” said Sanjay Koul, senior president, India business, Mankind Pharma.

“Docflix is Mankind’s understanding of the new definition of learning and is meant to be a platform that will not only present the best of medical science but also delve into the art behind the science. With Docflix, we at Mankind envision a global knowledge platform that will be a partner in the learning journey of all our doctors,” said Atish Majumdar, president, India specialty business of Mankind Pharma.

The platform is launched by the newly set up digital team at Mankind headed by Rinkesh Shah.

Credits – Source – https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/healthcare/biotech/pharmaceuticals/mankind-pharma-launches-ott-platform-for-doctors/articleshow/91648534.cms



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