Super App: Tata group bullish on predictive healthcare, teleconsultation


With the ambition of launching a Super App, the Tata group is betting big on the healthcare segment through Tata Health, which provides teleconsultation services and, in the future, aims to predict non-communicable diseases before onset for its users. Tata has acquired majority stake in online pharmacy 1mg, which has been integrated as a pharmacy partner on the Tata Health application.

The business conglomerate now has its sights on the ₹1,200-crore teleconsultation market and looks to achieve a 10% market share by the end of this fiscal year, according to Manzoor Ameen, the chief executive of Tata Health.While the ultimate aim is to provide predictive and preventive healthcare, the company has started with teleconsultation to get users familiar with its platform and also build a database for its predictive algorithms.

“A lot of healthcare that we see is reactive. That is, when a person falls ill is when you end up going to the doctor. The fundamental belief is that if we can understand that person better, then we have a very good ability to catch illness early and delay, if not prevent, chronic disease,” Ameen told ET.

The feature to provide predictive healthcare could take three to 15 years to get operational. It can help predict non-communicable diseases like diabetes and cancer. “The crux of what we are getting into is become a family doctor in an online mode for new India. We may be able to pull this off, providing predictive, preventive and personalised healthcare,” the CEO said.

Tata Industries, the parent of Tata Health, will be investing ₹150 crore in the three-year-old platform this fiscal as it ramps up advertising to drive up subscription numbers. Currently, Tata Health has about 800,000 subscribers on its platform, Ameen said. It got a significant leg-up during the Covid-19 pandemic with more people trying remote consultation, he said.

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