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Recycled Auto Art: Recycled Spark Plug Paper Weight - Glider
Recycled Auto Art: Recycled Spark Plug Paper Weight - Glider

So you are an automobile enthusiast. But, of what sorts?  Are you like the ones who say they are an automobile enthusiast because they love Ferrari or is it because you know your wheels in and out. Well, whatever the reason may be, you definitely take pride in calling yourself an enthusiast. Don’t you.

Ever wondered of taking your enthusiasm for the wheeled beauties or beasts, as some might want to call them, a step further? Ever considered letting that passion expand to your living space and make a statement to others on your behalf without you speaking. Enter the world of upcycling where the discarded stuff gets a new life.

Take a while and think about your favourite automobile. What if, it comes right into your living room and rests as a classy piece of art. An art piece that is a reflection of your passion, your personality as an enthusiast, your true love for the wheels that set the world in motion. The amount of stuff that you can make with automotive scrap is simply unimaginable. The limit to what you can make is simply your imagination. Accessories, furniture, wall mounted artifacts, daily use desktop products are just a few basic themes one can choose from. But, they definitely make a strong statement on your behalf.

The cost of decorating your home interior with the latest styles and furnishings can often cost you a fortune, but the creatively upcycled designs out of automotive scrap not only infuse a new life into something that you have always loved, but also puts in you the fact, that it is GREEN to RECYCLE. While purchasing a new couch or bookshelf is definitely an easy way to decorate your home, which everyone else also does, building one made from scrapped automotive items serves to add a unique, personalised and original touch to the item.

Go ahead, take the plunge. Let the piece of art act as a testimony of your love for the automobile. Let your folks know, how passionate you are in more ways of expression than just mere words. Give your passion a new dimension.

Don’t just speak of it, let it reflect….



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