Latent Ladders

We all have ladders in our houses (or would like to but don’t know where to put them). Mostly stowed away in store rooms, garages, balconies and terraces; they are kept hidden like a dirty little secret! Read our following tips on repurposing our lanky little ladder and you will never want to banish them from the house again.

Before you bring our dear little friend inside you need to make sure it’s splinter free. For that you need to purchase 120/220 grit sandpaper from the hardware store and polish away any rough spots. If your ladder is polished and you want to paint it you should ideally sand the entire thing before painting. I never had the patience for it so I just bought some matt enamel paint and started off without sanding.

Once your ladder is all tidied up there are four places where you can put it!

The Bathroom:

If your ladder is made up of bamboo (or any other material that can deal with humidity) you can put it next to the sink to hang hand towels and air fresheners or opposite to your shower to hang clothes, towels and loofas.

The Bedroom:

Display your favourite scarves or ties or hang jewellery from strings tied to the ladder. This is a great way to see all your accessories at once and at the same time bringing colour into your room in a fun way. Painting the ladder in bright orange, indigo blue, neon green, black or hot pink might be worth a thought.

The Garden:

Instead of hanging pots and planters from ceilings you can hang the small ones from the rungs of your ladder. It can also be used to hang small wind chimes. Entwining creepers to the ladder, however, is not advisable unless you don’t intend to use it again.

PS – keep an eye out for the next article where we talk about reusing everyday household objects as quirky planters!

The Living room/Kid’s room:

Entwine rice lights/fairy lights around your ladder to create cosy corners. Hang paper buntings and arrange soft toys for the kid’s room or arrange imitation flowers or other hanging ornaments for the living room. Hanging photographs using paper clips from strings tied to the ladder can make it all the more personal.

With so many things to do and only one ladder you will be tempted to buy more! Don’t say we didn’t warn you..


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