GMDA meters to check water flow in 10 areas


By Times of India – GMDA meters to check water flow in 10 areas Gurgaon: The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has started the pilot project for its water management system at around 10 locations between Basai and Dhanwapur. The project aims at monitoring, controlling and regulating the supply at underground water tanks in the city. The project includes installation of an ultrasonic water flow meter, flow control valve and a level meter in the underground tanks. The flow meter, as the name suggests, helps monitor the flow of water in each of the tanks. The level meter, on the other hand, will help check the level of water in the tanks. “The flow control valve will help in regularising and controlling the flow of water in all the tanks. This will help us ensure that there is equitable distribution of water across all the underground tanks,” said a senior GMDA official. Many areas in the city that are at a higher gradient do not get enough water and the smart water system will help address the issue, he added. The level meter will help constantly monitor the level in all the tanks and hence aid the authority identify water leakage and thefts. These can then be fixed by GMDA. According to sources within GMDA, due to a lack of monitoring, an estimated 30% of drinking water becomes non-revenue water owing to theft, irregular supply and leakage. The flow meter, flow control valve and the level meter together form a unit and the data from these units will be transferred to the Integrated Command Control Centre. “This pilot project will eliminate billing-related complaints, as the water consumption readings will be continuously available. And there shall be no need for backup tubewells once regular supply of water can be assured to residents,” said the official. FacebookTwitterLinkedinEMail

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