1.5 crore Covid vax shots given in 7 NCR districts bordering Delhi


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The National Capital Region (NCR) has robust vaccination coverage amid warning signs of another spike in Covid infections in the ongoing festive season. In numbers, while Delhi leads the way as the first Indian city to administer more than 2 crore Covid-19 doses, its immediate neighbours in NCR have collectively given 1.52 crore doses.
Till date, Delhi has administered 1.3 crore first doses and 73 lakh second doses. Its first and second dose coverage stand at 86% and 48%, respectively.
After Delhi, the highest number of vaccinations in the region have been carried out by Gurugram (35.3 lakh, including 21.8 lakh first and 13.5 lakh second doses), followed by Ghaziabad (32.4 lakh – 22.2 lakh first and 10.2 lakh second doses), Noida (27.4 lakh – about 18 lakh first and 9.4 lakh second doses), Faridabad (24.6 lakh – 16.4 lakh first and 8.2 lakh second doses), Sonipat (13.8 lakh – 9.8 lakh first and about 4 lakh second doses), Jhajjar and Rohtak (both 9.7 lakh, with 6.7 lakh first and nearly 3 lakh second doses).
Gurugram’s first dose coverage is 121%, followed by Noida (114%), Faridabad (104%), Jhajjar (92%), Sonipat (86%), Rohtak (84%) and Ghaziabad (82%). The additional doses in Gurugram and Noida are attributed to the floating population working in these cities or migrants who don’t have local registrations like Aadhaar or voter ID. Gurugram also has the best second dose coverage, at 75%, followed by Noida (60.7%), Faridabad (52%), Jhajjar (38%), Ghaziabad (37.9%), Rohtak (37%) and Sonipat (35%). The health departments of UP and Haryana are both looking to speed up vaccinations to achieve 100% of the estimated target by the end of the year. Haryana has decided to send ASHAs door to door to convince people who have not taken their second doses yet to do so.
“We are getting an adequate supply of vaccines and, therefore, targeting inoculating all those eligible by the end of December. We have already sought help from religious, community and local leaders to motivate people to get their shots. All districts have also been provided with a list of people due for their second doses,” said ACS (health) Rajeev Arora. Dr Virender Yadav, chief medical officer, Gurugram, said health teams will meet resident welfare associations (RWAs) to ensure people get their second doses on time. “We have dedicated sessions for second doses and our teams are calling up those who are due to receive them now. We are also planning to place hoardings and distribute pamphlets in every society. Apart from this, teams are visiting rural and urban slums in a vaccination bus where they set up mobile camps for vaccination,” Dr Yadav said.
In Noida and Ghaziabad, officials have urged people to get jabbed at the earliest. Health officials in Noida said special sites have been set up for dose 2 recipients.
“We have earmarked several centres exclusively for second doses and reserved Saturdays for them at all centres. We have been getting sufficient doses and there is no shortage. To keep a check on crowding, some centres have been earmarked for only walk-ins or pre-registered beneficiaries,” said Dr Sunil Sharma, chief medical officer, GB Nagar.


Credit Source – https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/gurgaon/1-5-crore-covid-vax-shots-given-in-7-ncr-districts-bordering-delhi/articleshow/87327774.cms


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