35km of sewer lines unclogged, will clear all soon, says GMDA


Gurgaon: With the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority close to completing the desilting of drains in the city, residents are likely to get some relief from issues such as overflowing sewer lines and backflow in the pipes in a few weeks. Nearly 35 kilometres of a total 135 kilometres length of sewer lines in the city have got cleared of waste, and work is underway on another 15 kilometres, the GMDA said on Tuesday.
Another 25 kilometres length had already been clean, and the desilting work on 60 kilometres is still left.
According to the GMDA officials, the authority will complete the pending work soon. “We are in the process of finalising the cost estimates for the work on the remaining 60 kilometres of the sewer lines. Since we have received a direction to make the city silt-free, we will expedite and complete this work. However, desilting is a continuous process. Just because we have cleaned a sewer line today does not mean it will not require attention again after a few months,” said a senior GMDA official.
This matter came up for discussion at the latest authority meeting, with officials informing that sewer vents are also getting tagged with the Geographic Information Survey (GIS) technology to ensure more transparency and accuracy in the process of desilting.
The desilting of the sewer lines is critical for the durability of the pipes and the proper flow of sewage. If the lines are not de-silted, there may be overflow or backflow of sewage, which may seep out into public spaces and cause commute, health and hygiene issues among residents.
The officials further said that the time after which any sewer line requires desilting depends on its location; the downstream pipes are more vulnerable to silting than the upstream ones. Moreover, the officials said that the sewer lines on Golf Course Road or near Galleria Market “where people have better civic sense” do not get choked as quickly as those in areas “where people do not have much awareness and dump items in the sewer lines”.
Credit Source – https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/gurgaon/35km-of-sewer-lines-unclogged-will-clear-all-soon-says-gmda/articleshow/89126274.cms


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