A US citizen undergoes life-saving surgery for a rare cancer type at a Gurgaon hospital.


GURGAON: A 22-year-old US citizen recently underwent a complex surgery at a Gurgaon hospital to remove a rare, rapidly growing cancerous tumour from her abdomen. This case highlights the crucial role of early detection and timely medical intervention in managing life-threatening conditions, said Dr Vinay Samuel Gaikwad, director of surgical oncology at the Oncology Centre, CK Birla Hospital, on Friday.
Gaikwad further explained that the tumour, which had increased by 5 kg in just two weeks, was hindering blood circulation and posing a life-threatening risk if left untreated.
“The patient was just 22 years old, and her tumour was already at stage 3. With advanced technology like Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC), we not only removed the tumour but also ensured the elimination of remaining cancerous cells,” he said.
The patient had sought medical attention at CK Birla Hospital in March due to a loss of appetite and rapid abdominal enlargement.
Upon examination, doctors discovered the severity of her condition and promptly scheduled surgery.
“The intricate surgical procedure lasted nearly seven hours, involving a laparotomy followed by complete cytoreductive surgery to remove the tumour. The medical team carefully navigated the risks associated with accessing and removing the tumour,” added Dr Gaikwad.
To eliminate any remaining microscopic cancerous cells, doctors administered a hot chemotherapy bath to the patient’s abdomen using the innovative HIPEC technique. This method aims to minimise the chances of cancer recurrence and improve the patient’s overall prognosis.
The patient is currently recovering and will receive follow-up care to monitor her progress and ensure a full recovery, added Dr Gaikwad.
Credit Source – https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/gurgaon/us-citizen-undergoes-life-saving-surgery-for-rare-cancerous-in-gurgaon-hospital/articleshow/110899297.cms


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