After 3.5 years, ‘thak thak’ gang strikes again in city


Gurgaon: The ‘thak thak’ gang is active in the city again. Several instances of bags and valuables being stolen from parked cars after their windows are broken have been reported from different parts of the city in the past two months.
The gang was last active in Gurgaon in mid-2018, and police had arrested dozens of its members. According to cops, the gang targets vehicles parked in markets and streets. In case someone is sitting inside, they divert the commuter’s attention with different tricks and steal bags from the car, an officer said.
On Monday, Nitin parked his car outside a mall in Sector 83 and went to a pharmacy store to purchase some medicines. He returned a few minutes later to find the window of his car broken and his bag kept on the back seat missing. “The bag had my laptop, watch and some documents. I had left my car for just a few minutes,” said Nitin. Based on his complaint, a case has been registered at Kherki Daula police station under Section 379 (theft) of IPC.
On January 12, two air pistols worth Rs 3.2 lakh were stolen from two national-level shooters, allegedly by members of the gang, in Sadar Bazar. After finishing a practice session, Vinay Rathee (20) and his friend Sagar (18) had gone to the market to purchase a mobile phone cover. Sagar went shopping, while Vinay waited in the car.
A man knocked on the car window and said some money belonging to Sagar had fallen on the road. When Vinay stepped out of the car to pick up the cash, another person stole two bags from the back seat. The bags had two air pistols, a shooting frame and Rs 8,000 in cash.
Incidents like these have become a regular occurrence in Gurgaon for two months. The gang has become active in the city after 2018, when dozens of its members were arrested. After the series of arrests, incidents of thefts from parked cars had almost stopped. “The gang members had stopped coming to Gurgaon, but now they have again become active,” said a senior police officer.
“Our teams are working to identify and track the gang members,” ACP (crime) Preet Pal Sangwan said.
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