As garbage piles up, residents say not many cleaners to remove them

as garbage piles up residents say not many cleaners to remove them

GURGAON: Heaps of garbage and horticulture waste as well as construction and demolition materials have become a common sight in Sector 43, residents said, alleging that MCG’s indifference to ensuring proper cleanliness has led to unhygienic conditions and resulted in creating health hazards in the area.
They said garbage has been dumped at vacant plots and on the roadside in the area for the last several months.
Narender Mehta, RWA general secretary of Sector 43, said the civic body is not paying heed to their grievances. “There are only 5-6 sanitation staffers in the sector while most of the manpower has been diverted for other purposes. With limited staff, there is hardly any sweeping on roads and even if they do sweep, they won’t pick up the waste citing lack of equipment. We have been repeatedly asking MCG to clear the C&D waste, but to no avail,” he said.
Residents recently met the MCG commissioner and other officials to bring up the situation, he said, adding that there have been no improvements since then. RS Sirohi, RWA president said, “The whole sector is in an utter mess with heaps of garbage at every corner. Garbage and undergrowth is also providing a perfect breeding ground for insects and reptiles.
After our complaint, they had deployed 20 staff members, but it has again gone down to 5. The existing manpower for sanitation and road cleaning is inadequate as per norms. There is a need for at least 40 sanitation staff.” Meanwhile, MCG joint commissioner Naresh Kumar said the civic body has already finalised the agencies for sanitation services. “Services such as sweeping, lifting of garbage, except C&D waste, will be done by them. In the past, there may have been some negligence on the part of the contractor but now things will improve as payment will be made as the work is completed,” he said.Credit Source –


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