Chased by cops, but ATM robbers escape with cash


Gurgaon: Six armed men allegedly broke into an ATM of a private bank in the Dhankot area in the early hours of Saturday and managed to flee with some cash, despite the efforts of the police to chase them.
Around 1.45am, a police patrol spotted some suspicious activity at the ATM kiosk. Sensing the presence of police nearby, the six men fired one round at the approaching cops and tried to speed away. However, the bullet missed its target.
Police said they had chased the car till Kaliawas, where it hit a divider on the road. “As the car came to a halt, the robbers got off and escaped in the dark,” a police official said.
Cops are checking the footage of all the nearby CCTV cameras to identify the robbers. “For now, we don’t have any clue about who the men were, but we are checking all the nearby CCTV cameras. We are hopeful of nabbing them soon,” said a police official at Rajendra Park police station. There’s no clarity on the amount of money stolen from the ATM as the bank has not submitted a complaint to the police. An FIR has been filed at the Rajendra Park police station.
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