Doc digs plot for borewell, finds ‘400-yr-old’ idols


Gurgaon: Three statues, estimated to be around 400 years old, were found in Manesar’s Mohammadpur Baghanki on Monday.
According to the state department of archaeology and museums, the statues of Lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi were found while a local doctor was excavating his plot with an earthmover for the installation of a borewell. Officials said the exact age of the statues will be confirmed after a detailed analysis.
Deputy director Banani Bhattacharya, who was handed over the idols by Manesar police, said they were found at a depth of around 15 feet and are made of bronze.The idol of Vishnu is approximately 1.5 feet tall and in a standing position, while the Lakshmi idol is slightly smaller at 1 feet in a seated pose. Both have intricate carvings and designs typical of the period they are believed to belong to. The third idol depicts Vishnu and Lakshmi sitting together.
The discovery has generated excitement among locals, who see it as a sign of divine blessing.
Many people from nearby villages have been flocking to the site to catch a glimpse of the idols and offer their prayers. Police have cordoned off the area to prevent any damage to the artifacts or the site.
Vikas Rao, a villager, said they plan to build a temple. “We are planning to construct a temple in the area where the artifacts were recovered. These statues could provide valuable insights into the religious practices and artistic styles of the period they originate from,” he said.
The locals, in collaboration with the archaeology department, will continue to dig the plot to check if there is anything else left in the ground.
“The idols have been transported to our laboratory for further study. The archaeology department plans to use scientific methods to determine the exact age of the statues. According to a preliminary examination, they seem to be around 400 years old. It appears someone buried them long ago. The Manesar area doesn’t have any previous findings, but we will examine the matter.” Bhattacharya told TOI.
The archaeology department appealed to the public to cooperate with them and not to disturb the site or the artifacts.
Officials said they will look for inscriptions or markings that could provide clues about the statues’ origins. Discovery of such idols is not uncommon in Haryana, which has a rich cultural and historical heritage. The state is home to several important archaeological sites, including the Indus Valley Civilization ruins at Rakhigarhi and stone carvings in Aravalis of Faridabad.
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