Dozens of trees uprooted, outages for hrs as infra hit


Gurgaon: Gusty winds accompanied with thunderstorms on Monday night left many areas in the city without power supply. At several places, dozens of trees were uprooted, and as a result several electricity cables were damaged leading to power fluctuation and outages which lasted for two to 13 hours.
Residents alleged that that lack of maintenance, upgrade of infrastructure and monitoring by the electricity department cause disruption in power supply.
RK Yadav, RWA president of Sector 46 said, “The power supply got disrupted around 1.15 am on Monday. In some areas, it was restored around 3 am, while in other pockets the electricity department was only able to restore it at 7:30am. In our sector, around 15-16 trees were uprooted during the storm. We had to remov them to clear the roads. Whenever there is rain or storm, the electricity infrastructure is hit hard, leaving us in trouble.”
The power failures have also hampered the water supply in some areas of the city. “Due to the power failure, the water supply to Sector 9A, 9 and housing board is also hampered during the morning hours affecting around 4,000 families in the area. There are some patients in our colony, who are still need to use oxygen concentrator to maintain their oxygen level have faced lot of difficulty last night,” said Lalit Suraj Bhola, General secretary, RWA sector 9A.
Meanwhile, Manoj Yadav, superintending engineer, DHVBN said, “There was no major disruption but a momentarily disturbance and it was restored within one hours”.
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