Drill on Sunday to check if all govt hosps Covid-ready


Gurgaon: Anticipating that the number of hospitalisation to go up in the coming days, the health department plans to hold a drill on Sunday at all government hospitals. This exercise aims to identify constraints and gaps in management of Covid-19 patient care in all government hospitals in the state. The drill will last for at least 24 hours and check readiness for bed availability, oxygen, staff, medicine and other consumables.This drill aims to simulate a real time situation of high influx of Covid patients in coming days.
At present, Haryana has around 2,068 patients in hospitals across the state for Covid treatment and out of these 165 are in Gurgaon.
“Yes, we are preparing to carry out a drill on Sunday so that normal functioning of weekdays doesn’t get disturbed. The drill will be at Civil hospital in Sector-10,” said Dr Virender Yadav, chief medical officer, Gurgaon.
As per the plan, all pressure swing absorption (PSA) plants will be run for 24 hours during the drill to supply oxygen. The drill will also check switching of patients from O2 supply to oxygen concentrator oxygen and shifting of patients from one hospital to other in case all measures fail related to oxygen.
It is important to note that Gurgaon needed around 60 tonnes of oxygen daily during the second Covid wave. At the height of the pandemic in May, all major hospitals in the city depended on Gujarat and Rajasthan for liquid oxygen, which was supplied in tankers and even trains.
Functioning of ventilators will be monitored and pulse oxymeters will be checked. Oxygen concentrator, oxygen mask, nebulizers, oxygen cylinders D and B type and ambulances condition will be properly evaluated.
Medicines at central drug store or warehouse drug quantity will also be assessed. Each district will check the percentage of drugs in hospitals to the total stock of drugs. It will be also marked by each district health officials regarding the number of days stock will last in the hospital and warehouse on the basis of daily consumption and analysis on the basis of maximum daily consumption of second wave.
Credit Source – https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/gurgaon/drill-on-sunday-to-check-if-all-govt-hosps-covid-ready/articleshow/89049192.cms


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