High on Covid antibodies, newborns battling MIS


Gurgaon: Doctors in several private hospitals have found that many newborn babies are battling multi-inflammatory syndrome (MIS), which is normally seen in children who have recovered from Covid-19.
According to the doctors, high levels of Covid antibodies were found in the blood samples of these newborn babies. Some of these kids are very sick. Upon investigation, they were found to have low blood pressure and some of them have abnormalities in their heart muscles.
MIS is a condition in children wherein several of their body parts can get inflamed. “It is a major concern. In this condition, a baby’s lungs, heart, kidneys, skin, eyes and gastrointestinal organs can get affected. While we do not know what causes MIS-C yet, there are multiple case reports from across the world and from India as well on neonatal multisystem inflammatory syndrome due to Covid-19 infection. However, the associated mortality rate is very low,” said Dr Vinay Kumar Rai, a consultant (neonatology, paediatrics) at the Manipal Hospitals in Dwarka.
He added, “At our hospital, I have seen two cases of neonatal-onset MIS-C. The newborns were three to four weeks old. Their symptoms included rashes, redness of eyes, respiratory distress and fever. We also encountered cardiac dysfunction in the children. Although the babies were all admitted for 10-12 days, they recovered successfully from the condition.”
Dr Sudip Chowdhury, consultant paediatrician, Columbia Asia Hospital, said: “Luckily, the majority are being seen with positive outcomes, but more research about the source of antibodies in the neonates with MIS-C needs to be evaluated as well as the assumption that maternal antibodies are protective against Covid infection.”
Several doctors pointed out that newborns can get Covid antibodies in various ways. If the mother has suffered from Covid and if there is a transplacental transfer, the baby may develop the antibodies. The second way is if the mother had Covid earlier and she has antibodies in her blood. Those antibodies can get transferred to the baby.
Dr Manish Mannan, HOD (paediatrics and neonatology), Paras Hospitals, said, “If a baby is developing antibodies in its blood, one has to see if the antibody level in the baby is more than the antibody level of the mother. Then it can be said that the baby is developing antibodies on its own. MIS is seen in all age groups and I think a lot needs to be studied on this subject to know more about it.”
Credit Source – https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/gurgaon/high-on-covid-antibodies-newborns-battling-mis/articleshow/83495609.cms


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