Man dies, father injured as boulder falls on them


Gurgaon: A 26-year-old man died and his 50-year-old father was injured after a huge boulder fell on them at an illegal stone quarry in Jainpur village of Mahendragarh district in the Aravalis. The accident took place on Wednesday morning, hours after a blast carried out to break the rocks.
The accident comes a couple of weeks after five persons were killed in a landslide in the Dadam mines of Bhiwani. Sources said while the boulder crushed Subash under it, it missed his father, Jagdish, by a whisker as he managed to jump to one side. He, however, suffered grievous injuries in the legs.
The police said six members of the same family from Rajasthan worked at the illegal stone quarry. Since the area comes under the Aravalis, it is managed by the forest department.
SDM Manoj Kumar, who visited the accident site, assured action against the owners of the quarry. “Illegal mining was taking place here. This is a forest area and we are investigating the matter. Strict action will be taken against those found involved in this,” said Kumar.
Villagers asked why the administration had woken up to illegal mining now when it had been taking place for years. “Almost every day, we hear an explosion to break the rocks. It happens both in the night and morning. A siren is sounded and the workers are required to leave the place before the blast is carried out. In the last 4-5 years, the number of blasts has increased manifold,” said a villager.
“We have confiscated tractors and trucks in the past and even sealed roads leading to the mining site.” Kumar said. He, however, did not give a clear answer on why the government wasn’t putting a stop to illegal mining once and for all.
Subash’s cousin, Rakesh, has been arrested for working at the illegal quarry. “Those who were involved in illegal mining will be arrested. No one will be spared. Forget the past, now we will take action,” said Mehar Singh, the SHO of Nangal Chaduhari police station.
Villagers doubted if the police vigil would continue for long. “There have been deaths in the past as well, but they have brushed them aside. They hardly take action. In the end, they arrest poor workers like us. But the private contractors move about freely,” the villager said.
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