Man slits throat of wife, mother-in-law in Faridabad


GURUGRAM: A 32-year-old man barged into a Faridabad house with his friend, slit the throats of his estranged wife and mother-in-law and fired at his brother-in-law and his business partner in their sleep around 2.30am on Thursday.
The man’s wife, Ayesha (32), and her mother, Suman (50), were declared dead in a hospital. Rajan (35), the friend of his brother-in-law Gagan, too succumbed to bullet injuries. Gagan (26) is battling for life. The murders took place in Gothda Mohbtabad village.

The accused has been identified as Neeraj. Around 2.30am on Thursday, Neeraj and his friend Lekhraj — both wielding guns — knocked on the door of the house where his wife lived. It is believed that the couple’s 12-year-old son opened the door.
Neeraj first used a knife to slit the throat of Ayesha and Suman and then went to the other room and fired at Gagan and Rajan. In 20 minutes, the duo had attacked all four adult members of the house and fled, leaving the 12-year-old boy crying, police said. Cops inspecting the house claimed at least four shots had been fired from a country-made pistol.
By Sunday evening, the crime branch had arrested both Neeraj and Lekhraj. “We are questioning the two to understand what prompted them to commit the murders. An investigation is underway,” said Subhe Singh, a spokesperson for the police.
The couple, sources said, had developed testy ties over a year ago. Since last year, Ayesha had been living separately from her husband. She moved into her mother’s house with her son apparently because Neeraj would often accuse her of being involved in an illicit relationship. Neeraj, who sells buttons for shirts, had tried to convince Ayesha to come back home several times, but to no avail.
He also nursed a grudge against his mother-in-law, who, he thought, was not allowing Ayesha to return home in NIT 1. Lekhraj, who was with Neeraj during the murders, is a tailor and would buy buttons from him.
Gagan has told the police that Neeraj had also been harassing him for a small loan he had taken. Gagan and Rajan were property dealers and had an office in Sector 56.
After work on Thursday, Gagan had asked Rajan to come to his house in Gothda Mohbtabad and stay the night for some work. Both of them were hit in the chest.
On Thursday morning, the police sealed the house, which originally belongs to a former sarpanch who had put it on rent. Neighbours said the family mostly stayed aloof.
“Hardly anyone knew the family. They had shifted here a month ago. Everyone was worried seeing a police team in their house in the morning. Later, we learnt about the murders,” said Rajesh Kumar, a villager.
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