Now, engineering students at GU can study at IIT Mandi


GURGAON: Engineering students of Gurugram University (GU) in the city will now be able to also study at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Mandi. The two universities are collaborating to make their resources accessible to both their students and faculty.
According to the GU vice chancellor, with this collaboration engineering students from both institutes would be permitted to study at either one of the campuses, as per their choice and need.
This partnership will not only include the exchange of teachers, technology and research, but also ease the learning methods for the students through the option to choose between campuses, the vice chancellor said. The alliance will facilitate joint supervision of postgraduate and PhD students as well. Speaking about the need for this collaboration, registrar Rajeev Kumar Singh said, “With national education policy 2020 in place, it is going to be difficult for an educational institution to operate on its own. Collaborations are the need of the hour to impart quality education. We are a new university and if we want to make our students the best in their fields, we need to make it a freeway where we offer every opportunity and resource possible to them via collaborations.”
“To implement NE, higher education institutions have to prepare capsule courses and share it with the partnering institute, because the range of choices of subjects are now so vast that one university cannot cater to them all,” Singh added.
Through this collaboration, students in need of guidance or resources that are not available to them at one university can avail the same at the other university without needing to explain their presence on the campus. “We as universities have to be mutually beneficial without competing for the number of students accessing each others’ resources/faculty help,” Singh said.
All students currently studying in the university can take advantage of the collaboration that will run for the duration of at least one engineering programme.
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