Parking contractor at Rajiv Chowk booked for fleecing vehicle owners


GURUGRAM: A Rajiv Chowk parking contractor has been booked for extorting exorbitant amounts in parking fees from heavy vehicles after a truck driver was allegedly issued Rs 41,800 bill, police said on Monday.
A complaint submitted by Rajasthan resident Abhay Singh Yadav, who supplies building material to traders in Delhi-NCR and its surrounding areas, at Shivaji Nagar police station stated that his truck was impounded for overloading on October 1. Due to fund shortage, Yadav said, he could not pay the penalty immediately and the vehicle was kept at Rajiv Chowk parking lot.
“When I went to take my truck the next day, the parking contractor asked me to pay Rs 39,600 as the fee,” Yadav said, adding that he returned with the sum two days later but was told to pay Rs 41,800. “When I enquired how they calculated the charges, the contractor told me the truck has 22 tyres and they have charged Rs 100 per tyre per day. They refused to show any document that had notified such charges,” Yadav said. He finally had to pay Rs 40,000 but was not issued any receipt, the complainant said.
Police spokesperson Subhash Boken said a case was registered against the accused, Devender Singh, under IPC Section 384 (extortion). According to an agreement with the district administration, the contractor is supposed to charge Rs 30, Rs 40, Rs 50 and Rs 100 for different sizes of vehicles. “The contractor, in violation of the contract, was charging Rs 100 per wheel from heavy vehicles,” Boken said, adding that no arrest has been made so far.


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