Using the cleaner codes with the websites makes high quality themes that load quickly on the website. It is necessary using the themes on the website that loads quickly. For the betterment of the online business, it is necessary making frequent changes in various data. As Joomla is a complex platform, it is necessary making a lot of efforts for its management.

Handling the content management system is a tough task. Joomla is an extremely flexible system. He must be having proper knowledge of the various tools and techniques for effective Joomla website development. Thus, the website must offer a proper sitemap to the users that will appear similar on all the systems.

  • Use PHP7 instead of PHP 5.6 or older (30%+ speed increase!)
  • In “Global Privileges” click on “Check All” then click the” Go ” button on the bottom
  • It was taking too long
  • 3D Slideshow Transition Effects
  • Run the installer and tweak the settings
  • Connection Type (FTP, FTPS (SSL) )
  • Again under the “Databases” heading, but this time chose “phpMyAdmin”
  • Go to your WordPress page, that was displaying the white screen and refresh the page,

Thus, the developer must use best coding practices in order to effectively developing the website. Thus, it is necessary hiring the developers who are proficient with PHP and MySQL in order to effectively carry out the conversion procedure. For this, why is wordpress so slow the developer must be well versed with the development and conversion procedure. Due to this, the developer will be effectively developing the website with an ease and in no time.

It’s the first thing bots and hackers will try when attempting to access your website. Let’s say “Twenty-Twelve”. When you first install the WordPress, this theme is the default theme you use. Having a iconic style logo will help as you can simply drop the logo text and use the icon (WP Copilot is an example of this).


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