Banana Chips Recipe | Homemade Kerala Banana Chips


banana chips recipe | homemade Kerala banana chips | raw banana wafers

How to make banana chips recipe at home?

The most famous South Indian snacks – Banana chips Recipe, easy and simple homemade tasty banana chips made from raw unripe bananas. These banana chips also known as kele ke chips are good tea-time snacks. Learn how to prepare banana chips recipe.


  • Nendran raw banana – 10 no’s
  • Coconut oil – 1 cup
  • Salt to taste

Steps to cook Kerala raw banana wafers recipe:

  • At first, take a raw Nendran banana and peel the skin.
  • Take a vegetable slicer; slice the raw Nendran banana very thinly.
  • Next switch on the stove and place a kadhai, pour enough coconut oil for deep frying the banana chips
  • Let’s heat the coconut oil for 5 minutes, take a small piece of banana pour into the oil.
  • When banana chips come up means coconut oil heated well if not means heat two more minutes.
  • Take a handful of sliced banana and put into coconut oil fry both side in medium flame. (Put the banana slices separately to avoid sticky)
  • Fry the Nendran banana chips till it becomes crispy.
  • Now take out from the oil and put into tissue paper to absorb extra oil from the Nendran banana chips.
  • Repeat these steps until all banana slices finished.
  • Take a bowl, transfer Homemade Baked Banana Chips Recipe and add the required amount of salt then mix well.
  • It’s a time to check salt. If you want more, add it now and give a quick mix.
  • Now transfer the homemade Nendran banana chips into a glass bottle or airtight container.
  • Tasty homemade raw banana wafers are ready to eat.


This is a simple and easy version. anyone can cook quickly and enjoy the snack with your friends and relatives. If you want the spicy Nendran banana chips, you can add homemade chilli powder and mix well. Here I am used coconut oil, you can also use any other oil for frying, but the taste of banana chips recipe will be Vary. Use coconut oil for best results.

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  • Keeps Heart young
  • Assists Athletes
  • Digestive Health
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