Fruit custard recipe, how to make Fruit custard recipe, Homemade custard


Fruit custard recipe, how to make Fruit custard recipe, Homemade custard

April 28, 2020
by Loganayaki Thamilselvan

How to make Fruit custard recipe ?

Fruit custard recipe is a delicious dessert simple to makes and prefect party recipe. I have prepared this custard recipe without cream. the Fruit Custard is an aesthetic mix of fruits and custard. Lets see how to prepare Homemade custard recipe without eggs.


Milk – ½ litter + 2 spoonsSugar – 4 spoonsCustard powder – 2 spoonsCardamom powder – ½ tea spoonApple – half (cut in to cube)Ripped banana – 1 (sliced)Panner grapes – half handful

Steps to prepare Fruit custard recipe:

Take a heavy bottom pan add half litter cow milk.Switch on the stove and place a pan then heat.When it is rise up slow the heat in to low flame then add four spoons of sugar and mix well.After sugar dissolved completely, take a bowl add two spoons of custard powder and add two spoons of milk then mix well without any lumps.Now turn the flame in low, it is a time to add custard mixture in to milk.Mix well the custard mixture and boil for 10 minutes in a medium flame until it turns thick consistency (not too thick).switch off the flame and cool the custard mixture completely in a room temperature.Add cardamom powder and mix well.This is right time to add fruits like apple, ripped banana, Panner grapes and mix well the custard recipe.Flavorful homemade Fruit custard recipe is ready to serve; you can save now as it is.Put this custard recipe in to fridge in 20 minutes and then served as chill custard recipe.More dessert recipes from Famous Indian Recipes : sabudana payasam recipe | homemade eggless chocolate cake recipe | Rava kesari recipe | Gulab jamun recipe | Seven cup sweet |


Here i am used three fruits only; you can also add mango, green grapes, and pomegranate etc.,According to your sugar taste you can add more sweet or less.Instead of sugar you can also add organic honey also.

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