Spanish Bread: Pan con aceite y ajo (Hot bread with olive oil & garlic)


Spanish country bread is excellent, and many Andalusian villages still boast a village baker to supply the most important staple of rural diet.

Close textured and always creamy white, with crispy brown crust, the bread is usually sourdough. Each batch is raised with a starter from day before.

This plus the precise mix and grind of the flour used, and still in some cases the wood used to heat the oven gives an individual flavour to the product of different bakers.

Such a bread is sold by weight because the value for money is of the essence. Bread with garlic and oil is the favourite Andaluz breakfast and provides the simplest of tapas.

Just the perfect basic materials are all that are required.

People are including garlic and olive oil in their daily diet, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of these two wonderful ingredients.

Patients with thyroid, heart, hypertension and skin conditions turn to these two foods with surprising results. Olive oil also reduces the pungent smell and taste of garlic.

Raw olive oil is a natural food with many nutritional and healing properties and qualities.

It relieves pain, prevents mental deterioration, has anticancer properties, is an excellent ally against diabetes, strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure & controls cholesterol.

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