Spanish Spiced Peanuts Tapas – Spicy Peanuts for Tapas


A smaller variety of peanut compared to others, Spanish peanuts are known for their redskins and nutty flavor profile. They have a higher oil content, which also adds to their flavour when roasted.

These are used predominantly in peanut candy but are also used for salted nuts, peanut butter & oil.

Peanuts were grown as far north as Mexico by the time the Spanish began their exploration of the New World. The explorers took peanuts back to Spain, where they are still grown. From Spain, traders and explorers took peanuts to Africa and Asia.

In Africa the plant became common in the western tropical region. The peanut was regarded by many Africans as one of several plants possessing a soul.

Spanish” variety of peanuts are one of the four most popular types of peanuts grown for commercial use today. The others are Virginia, Runner, and Valencia.

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