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Tapas Salad – Ensalada Rusa or Russian Salad or Olivier Salad


Belgian chef Lucien Olivier is credited with inventing the salad in the 1860s during his tenure at the Hermitage, a restaurant in Moscow. To give him credit, it got named as Olivier Salad initially.

Over the years, Olivier salad gained in popularity not only in Russia, but through the rest of the Soviet Union & Europe. And today throughout the world, this salad is often called the Russian salad.

In Poland, this salad is called “Salatka Jarzynowa”(which translates to a vegetable salad).

It is also believed that the original salad recipe contained cubed meat and was a complete meal in itself.

In different modern recipes, it is usually made with diced boiled potatoes, carrots, brined dill pickles (or cucumber), green peas, eggs, celeriac, onions, diced boiled chicken or bologna sausage (sometimes ham or hot dogs), and tart apples, with salt, pepper, and mustard added to enhance flavour, dressed with mayonnaise.

The exact recipe – particularly that of the dressing – was a zealously guarded secret.

But it is known that the salad contained grouse, veal tongue, caviar, lettuce, crayfish tails, capers, and smoked duck, although it is possible that the recipe was varied seasonally.

The original Olivier dressing was a type of mayonnaise, made with French wine vinegar, mustard, and Provençal olive oil; its exact recipe, however, remains unknown.

One of the first printed recipes for this salad by Aleksandrova, appeared in 1894.

It called for half a hazel grouse, two potatoes, one small cucumber (or a large cornichon), 3–4 lettuce leaves, 3 large crayfish tails, 1/4 cup cubed aspic, 1 teaspoon of capers, 3–5 olives, and 11⁄2 tablespoon Provençal dressing (mayonnaise).

Today’s popular version of the salad—contains boiled potatoes, dill pickles, peas, eggs, carrots, and boiled beef/chicken or bologna, dressed with mayonnaise.

It is based on a version of Lucien Olivier’s Sous Chef (the guy who stole Olivier’s recipe) Ivan Ivanov’s Stolichny salad, and only faintly resembles Olivier’s original creation.

Credit Source – https://gosumitup.com/easy-ensalada-rusa-recipe-russian-salad-olivier-salad



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